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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Six Days until Corned Beef (not counting today.)

I am a long way from Corky and Lenny's.   It is the last place I have had a decent corned beef sandwich on good caraway (or 'Jewish') rye bread.  There are loads of arguements over the Proper Pickles (Dill vs. Half-Sour vs. Garlic) and Mustards, (Spicy Brown vs. Dijon vs. Yellow)  but there are few arguements about Corned Beef.  Everyone seems to agree that corned beef should be somewhat salty, have the slight seasoning of celery, spices, and mustard seed, and be tender enough to be eaten in clean bites without having to tear away at one's sandwich.

Corned Beef is said to have originated in Europe in the 16th century or so.  One of the earliest references is from Richard Burton (not to be confused with the 20th century same-name actor) later on in 1621.  There is also great and ongoing arguement that it is or isn't from the British Isles, (made by the cornish?) Germany with 'Salt Corns,' (from the Old German "kurnam" for "kernel") or France.  It seems that the german is more likely than any other, which makes sense when you consider that it goes so well with Sauerkraut.

You will be relieved and excited to know the truth.  Corned Beef starts from a Big Bucket in our Walk-in cooler where it is Brined (soaked in salted water with spices) for seven days.  It is then drained, rinsed, and simmered for several hours in a fresh batch of brine until it is tender and well-flavored.  Then, for our purposes, it will be served on bread with condiments and / or sauerkraut and cheese.

If you like it with Swiss Cheese, we can acommodate.  If you like a Rueben, we can acommodate.  Maybe you'll choose another kind of mustard.  Maybe it's Ballpark Mustard.  I can't remember if Corky and Lenny's serves Bertmans' Ballpark Mustard  or not.

In any event, I have high hopes for a quality Corned Beef Sandwich Next Tuesday.  It'll be delicious with a big cup of spiced hot cider.

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  1. oh, well...there are at least 2 happy cape codders here!! :)