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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bread: Caraway Rye
Specials:Fried "Bolog-NOT" (Mortadella [because it's NOT Bologna,] Tomato, Provolone.)
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - Bleu cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Provolone.
Soup: Creamy Mushroom

It has come to our attention, through the generous sharing of a link on Facebook, that we have failed to mention Cape Cod Beer and the integral part they play in the Underground Bakery's bread lineup as well as our lunch offerings.

Every week, we deliver transport a delivery of Cape Cod Beer Spent Grain Bread to the Cape Cod Beer Brewery's retail outlet. After leaving a tray of still-warm, hearty bread to be sold to the brewery customers, we retrieve a large bucket of spent grain. The Beer brewing process begins with malt, a sort of blanket term that refers to a mixture of toasted grains. Most often, as we understand it, malt consists of barley and wheat, sometimes oats and other grains, seeds, etc. These are combined in a giant tank with hot water and steeped for some time. When the time is up, the folks at the brewery there drain the grain by gravity (no pressing!) leaving what is then known as Spent Grain. Here at the bakery, we combine this still-flavorful, toasty mash of grain to high-strength flour and our natural seed culture (a paste of flour, water and local airborne microorganisms that give our breads their unique sourdough flavor.)

After about two hours of kneading and rising, the finished product looks like this:
This is the bread that is used for our breakfast sandwiches, many of our lunch sandwiches, Toast and Jam, etc.

We're ever grateful to Cape Cod Beer for their cooperation in this endeavor and for being such great neighbors and friends. Their product is consistent, delicious, and is an integral part of our business and our personal lives. Stop by on a Tuesday or Saturday for a tour to learn how beer is made. In the process, you will start to understand why they have such a great product. Tell them we sent you!

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