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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bread: Semolina Sourdough
Soup: Chili (Encore)
Specials & Lunch*: Chili Dog on Home-Made roll - 4.50
Coney Dog on Home-Made roll - 5.00
(with chili, cheddar, and minced onion)
*Yes, the same as yesterday, on account of our repeating the chili. Mostly because I wanted to have a bowl myself.

So, what IS new today? Well, not much.

For those of you who have dogs (and those of you who are,) you will be pleased to see the return of our homemade dog biscuits. We're sorry we ran out yesterday!

In honor of Halloween, they are in the shape of scary cats and pumpkins.

We'll do our best to help keep Monday from getting you down.

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