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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bread: Kalamata Olive
Specials: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - shredded chicken, home-made buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, provolone, lettuce & tomato
Soup: Creamy mushroom
New today: Apple Cider Cookies (in celebration of fall)
Halloween-decorated Sugar cookies

The Kalamata Olive Bread has been particularly good lately. I've been makink bread for quite some time, years, in fact, but I've really learned quite a bit. I guess you could expect that of a task you perform seven days a week, all year. I guess you could say that I've gotten pretty good at showering, too. I think that the biggest lesson in breadmaking is that nothing worth waiting for happens quickly. It does require planning and a great deal time. In any event, there is a schedule for breads, now. It's on our menu board as follows:

Sunday: Raisin Spice
Monday: Semolina Sourdough
Tuesday: Caraway Rye
Wednesday: Olive
Thursday: Dirty, Salty Potato (with potato skins, chunks, dusted w/ Kosher Salt)
Friday: Brioche
Saturday: Whole Wheat Sourdough

Now, remember that the goal in sales is to sell all your product. That being said, don't be surprised if you arrive at 3:00pm and there is no bread left. This happens often, if not regularly. There are a great many days that I run out of one or other of the breads, sometimes all of them. If you are counting on a bread, depending even, PLEASE call me and I may be able to set yours aside. As demand increases, so does production volume.

Do I make baguettes? Sometimes. For those of you who ask for baguettes let me just say one thing. Here we go:
"Gosh, I'd love to. Everyone asks for them, but I make them and no one buys them."
In other words, I will make baguettes with 48 hours notice any time. The recipe I use calls for a heavy percentage of semolina, so they are moist, light yellow, and chewey inside with a thick, dry crust that crisps when rewarmed in the oven. They make a great open-faced sandwich, brushcetta, or french bread pizza. I am not joking, here. I would not make this up.

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich is seasoned with our own Buffalo Sauce and southwestern spice blend. It's very flavorful and a little spicy to warm you up on a cool fall day, but that all gets cooled right down with some crumbled gorgonzola, lettuce and tomato, all held together with some melted Provolone Dolce.

Apple Cider cookies are a returning favorite. They were sold here long before Laurie and I came along as owners, but we're just finding time to bring back some old favorites. They're glazed with gooey glaze, too, for all you "Sugar Glaze Addicts" out there.

Also, a reminder that we are changing our facebook page from the group page to which many of you have become fans to a business page you can "like." The new, improved page can be found HERE.

Hope everyone has a great wednesday.

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