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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, again. we've missed a couple days, here. That's because we've been busy. That's a good thing as near as we can tell.

Returning as a favorite today are the Pear-Butterscotch muffins. Laurie Couldn't stop herself. Also in the case are Pear-Maple-Oat scones, Sweet Potato-Cream Cheese muffins and Apple Cider cookies.

Bread: Raisin Spice
Soup: Chili
Specials: Coney Dog, Chili Dog.
Fried Bolog-NOT sandwich: Mortadella (because it's NOT Bologna,) Tomato, Provolone.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: Bleu cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Provolone.

So, the mortadella is delicious. It comes from Parma, Italy and it's pretty flavorful. Since it's remeniscent of Bologna (and we wanted to do a fried bologna sandwich out of childhood nostalgia,) we decided to give it a little sear, fold it over some cool tomatoes and provolone and make it the guts of a panini. We have been serving it on couuntry white bread, but suspect that it will be delicious on the Semolina Sourdough Ian will be making tomorrow.

There have been a lot of people asking about their favorite breads. Ian decided to come up with a schedule for them and stick to it. If you'd like to see when your favorite comes up, you can below:
Sunday: Raisin Spice
Monday: Semolina Sourdough
Tuesday: Caraway Rye
Wednesday: Kalamata Olive
Thursday: Dirty, Salty Potato
Friday: Brioche
Saturday: Whole Wheat Sourdough
A few people have asked about the Thanksgiving and Holiday menus. We will be publishing the former in the next week or so - the former by the first of December.
Both will include both sweets tarts, crostata, etc.) and savory items such as bread and rolls. YES, the squash rolls will be back this year. There will also be Pannettone again for Christmas.

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